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A Message here from the National Deaf Women of Ireland, NDWI, previously known as IDWG – Irish Deaf Women’s Group.

April 11th, 2016

“Hello everyone,

a message here from the National Deaf Women of Ireland, NDWI, previously known as IDWG – Irish Deaf Women’s Group. I’m Teresa Lynch, the new chairperson for the NDWI committee.

‪Now you’re probably wondering – why the change of name. The reason is twofold:

This book here, “Deaf Women of Ireland”, was written by Anne Coogan and Josephine O’Leary. Both women carried out research asking 300 Deaf women all over Ireland questions about topics such as education and access to employment, among other things. One such question asked in the research, which received a high level of positive response from the 300 participants, was whether they wanted to have a stronger connection to the National Women’s Council of Ireland. As the IDWG have had the name “Irish Deaf Women’s Group” for 23 years, maybe now was the time for a change, to show that our organisation is a national one covering the whole country. So for that reason the committee felt it was important to change the name.

At the same time we knew the name “Irish Deaf Women’s Group” was a more appropriate name for a smaller organisation which over time has grown bigger and stronger. And so a name change was necessary to show this growth – the key word here was ‘National’.

At the last AGM (held on March 5th) a Motion was put to all members for the change to be made. The vote was unanimous; everyone agreed, with not a single vote cast against the name change. We in the committee were very pleased. And we now have our new name, National Deaf Women of Ireland (NDWI).

After such a long time using the old name it had become less effective; things felt flat and interest had declined. With the new name and the key word “National” there comes a fresher and more modern feeling within the organisation – almost like a face lift of sorts! This was needed to re-energise the organisation after 23 years. And there of course will be some other small changes happening throughout the organisation.

So I hope you’re all happy with the changes, and we need your supports.

Thanks for watching.”