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Position: Research Project Officer

Duration: 20 hours a week for 2 and half months (January 2023-March 2023)

Salary: €20 per hour

Reporting to: The Board of National Deaf Women of Ireland

Geographical area: Based in Ireland – to be discussed with successful applicant

About National Deaf Women of Ireland:

National Deaf Women of Ireland (NDWI) is an National organisation that represents Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women in Ireland. NDWI aims to promote and advance the civil 

rights and human rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing women in Ireland. NDWI seeks to achieve equal access in all situations of life, with an emphasis on women’s health through Irish Sign Language as first or preference language. NDWI’s mission is to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing women and to bring about equality among Deaf Women and Hard of Hearing Women.


About the project:

The primary aims of this project are;

1) To promote social inclusion for Deaf and Hard of Hearing women

2) To develop and design workshops with the consultation of relevant organisations.

3) To raise awareness in the wider society at all levels.


This project will aim to become a platform for a greater understanding on the nature and incidence of social isolation that Deaf and Hard of Hearing women face. This

will enable them to understand the importance of positive social engagement through peer support and dialogue. The project will also aim to  share  an understanding of factors that might support social engagement and positive mental health supports for Deaf and Hard of Hearing women and moreover inform the general population, professionals, and policy makers on this important issue.  This will also aim to bring a long term impact in terms of how society and community embrace the cultural and linguistic awareness, as an important factor.  This could also contribute to long term interventions and supports, supporting mental health well-being and acting as a prevention for longer- term implications of mental health illnesses.


Job description:

This will be a short term 3 month project and will involve collecting data from Deaf and Hard of Hearing women living in Ireland about their lived experiences, social exclusion with a particular focus on the access to ISL and understanding of others as they are part of a cultural and linguistic minority group.

The role also involves collaborating with relevant organisations to deliver workshops on Positive Mental Health through ISL for Deaf and Hard of Hearing women Topics will include self-care,  coping tools and building resilience in challenging  times. The role also involves developing videos in ISL covering Mental Health topics for the NDWI’s website ( this will include working with ISL translators).


Key Tasks:

  • To carry out and collate a short survey with a focus on the experience of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women
  • Develop and deliver workshops with consultation of relevant organisations
  • Engage with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women in Ireland and relevant organisations
  • Develop materials for National Deaf Women of Ireland
  • Report to Chairperson and Secretary on a weekly basis


Key requirements and skills for the position:

  • An understanding and experience of similar research
  • Knowledge of Deaf Community
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent English written skills and Irish Sign Language (ISL)
  • Knowledge of Data collection methods
  • Proficiency in Data analysis toolsProject Management Skills including IT skills, Administrative skills, Organisational skills / Time management
  • Willingness to travel (including overnight stay). Expenses will be incurred.


Please send on your Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter outlining your experiences and skills required to, FAO Secretary.


If you would like to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, FAO Secretary.

Closing date: Monday, 16th January 2023, 12pm.

Must be available for an Interview on Monday 23rd January 2023


We are an equal opportunities organisation