Access Information

You see on our list we have access to information in ISL. What does this mean? Of course, all hearing women in Ireland can access information about women’s services. They can visit a woman doctor, ask questions, and communicate. This allows them to understand the information, and understand their rights to access services.
NDWI wants to ensure that all Deaf women in Ireland are more aware of their rights, and have better access to information. As an example, NDWI contacts websites for women’s services and explains to them why Deaf women want to access the information on their websites in ISL. This will allow women to understand more and have broader access to information. NDWI shares this information so that Deaf women know that services such as the Women’s Aid text line, the Rape Crisis Centre, and many others are available to them. NDWI also holds information nights where Deaf women can watch presentations on different issues. We make ISL vlogs to explain about women’s issues and women can go to the NDWI office anytime.
We will always remember 14th December 2017 as a special day, when ISL was legally made an official language of Ireland. The NDWI will continue to work hard to provide even more information in ISL.