Women Health

NDWI has a lot of knowledge linked to women’s health. Generally speaking, there is plenty of information available on this topic through newspapers, TV, radio, and word of mouth. However, there are access barriers for Deaf women in availing of this information. The English used can be heavy and therefore hard to fully understand, and there is no access to the radio. It is important that Deaf women fully understand information such as the importance of mammograms and smear tests, and the symptoms of cervical cancer. For example, one Deaf woman here in Ireland died from cervical cancer. She was shocked when she found out she was ill and didn’t understand what this meant or what symptoms she should have been looking out for. If she had had the information earlier, her cancer might have been diagnosed in time to treat it successfully.

NDWI want information to be fully accessible in ISL. The cervical cancer website has
information translated into 13 different languages including Italian, Spanish, and Arabic-NDWI aims to have the same information available on the website in ISL.